Hey girl hey 

Well… hey there. It’s been a while. Miss me?! Nope. Wasn’t in a funk this time. Didn’t climb into my cave to hide or any of that. Just been busy. Mostly.

Ok, let’s put it out there. I ran out of words. Finally ran out. 

I’m a bibliophile, a bookworm. I’ve always had an attachment to words and written text. I get lost in stories and cling to words. 

If I was more brave and motivated I’d be writing stories, books, and actually trying to have people read them. I’m not there yet. 

But this last week… I had no words. I literally RAN OUT. Too tired, too stressed, too preoccupied… whatever it was, something ate the words I usually have swimming through my head. 

They aren’t entirely back yet, but I can feel my thoughts circling back. Don’t worry… my penchant for blabing isn’t gone. Just took a break. 


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