30 days 

I realized yesterday that my birthday was exactly 30 days away. A solid month until another year rolls over, and my last year in my 30’s begins. I’m not sure how to feel. 

We’ve all read or talked about 2016 as being a rough B of a year. I’m not sure why it happened that way or where all the struggle or challenges came from. I just know it wasn’t just me. 

Since I’m a late spring/early summer birthday I have most of the rest of 2017 to be ___. I can’t type it here… I just can’t but we all know the number.

Since last year around this time a lot of things have changed. I got a job, left my husband, moved into an apartment alone, made friends, lost friends, and just in general grew as a person. I’m so thankful for every moment, but it was hard on my emotional self. 

I have big plans for the next year. I’ve come so far… I’m not going to put off things anymore. Or let rear rule my life. Just wait… it’s going to be so great! 


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