Music in my mind 

I’m really overloaded and depleted at the moment. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an extroverted introvert. I can manage social interactions, group settings, outings into public, events, and crowds. Manage is the key word. I’m balanced to a degree. My main thing is this: after said “people-ing” I have to detox, or have a moment to myself. 

I know people who are energized by others, by groups, by socializing. I really wish I knew how that works, cuz for me it doesn’t. For me it’s like I have battery power for social things, and once the batteries run out I’m done. I gotta have quiet, or time where no one is talking to me. 

Let me be clear, I love people. LOVE! I just can’t always be “on”. Even work is one of those things that I need an unwind time afterwards every day. 

I’m a thinker… clearly. I never have a completely empty mind. Or I should say rarely. If it happens it’s a blessing, and not surprisingly usually occurs outside. That’s where I find my peace is outdoors. The only other things that help are reading and MUSIC! 

I post songs here that either speak to me, or I could listen to every day, or really reverberate through my soul. I need a beat, good words, something I can bob my head to or clear my mind with. I need something to push everything else in my head to the outer corners. 

For a long time the background noise in my every day was TV. The ex is addicted to his “shows”. The television is constantly on at his house. Sadly I feel there’s a bad habit there with my son. One I’ll have to help with to get him back engaged in life again. But I digress…

Ive always had a song in my head. I wake up with music in my mind. Usually it’s a song I heard before I went to sleep, or during the prior day. I get ear worms very easily but don’t usually mind. Music is soothing to my very soul. It takes me out of my head, helps me work through any stress or angst. I have no idea what I would do without a constant soundtrack to my life. 

I’m way past my limit right now. I have my friend staying with me for another few days and I have no real quiet space. I worked OT on one of my days off and spread myself a little too thin otherwise. I’ve retreated into my own head a little, and I’m exhausted so if I could just sleep for two solid days and find a quiet corner for myself then I’d be ok. That’s not an option at the moment. 

So music it is. I’m really into the new Chainsmokers album, or Sheppard, or Marian Hill, but my go to’s include Ed Sheeran or One Republic. There’s so many more… 

Regardless of what’s going on I’m so thankful for music, and the peace it does bring when I just need something to push all other noise out. 

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