It’s been a long week. I maxed myself out on spending time with a variety of people. I wouldn’t take any of it back, but I’m a little overloaded. 

Sometimes I just need solitude and quiet. Other times it’s too much and takes my thoughts in places I don’t want/need them to go. 

I’ve always been very sensitive. I’m perceptive and aware of the feelings of others and the energy in my surroundings. When I go do a lot of socializing sometimes it wears me down and I have to go home and be by myself for a minute. 

Everything I went and did this week was good. Great times with great people. I forget how it is to spend time with friends. I usually limit who/what/when. I’m picky about who I spend free time with. Always have been. Selective I suppose. 

I’ve reached a good place in my head. I cried it out, walked it out, drank it out (a little), slept it out, and socialized it out. I’m good. It feels good. Now, I just gotta circle back to my goals. I’m a driven person so while I may go through ups and downs, once I get my head straight after a funk them I’m good. Unstoppable even. 

As I enjoy the quiet in my apartment and my head, I list all of the things I’m grateful for. Most of the list is people. Wonderful people. 

I know I can be an observer, sitting in silence watching, but mostly I’m a lover of all people. I like to listen, interact, converse, communicate. I’m better one on one than in group settings, but I’m a “people person”. I’m so thankful for all of my family, friends and acquaintances. You just never know who will touch your life, even if only for a brief moment. 

There’s so many things I can do alone, on my own, but it’s people that have always directed me, guided me, helped me move past myself and my own shit. 

The quiet in my mind doesn’t come from just me. It also comes from love shown to me by others. 

I’m so grateful. 


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