Mean gene 

There are many things that I am, that I can admit to, that I can strive for. Meanness has never been a part of my make up. I just am not good at it. Consequently that means I’m “too nice”. This IS an actual thing. Ask any nice guy. Right? 

This is what I find: no one wants someone who is too nice. Everyone wants a little edge. A little sass. Someone with a backbone. 

Here’s the thing. I’m many things. I can be sweet. I can be sassy. I’m not going to be mean. Get over stuff with people who can’t or won’t respect my time and who I am? Yes, absolutely. I don’t think that’s mean though. I think that’s fair. 

There’s a girl from my training class that’s been telling me since September that guys don’t want some sweet as pie lady. They want an edgy chick. *I’m smiling. She is a sweet girl, so I think this is SUPER funny coming from her.* 

I was totally born without the mean gene. I just can’t do it. I can’t ignore people, or tell anyone off (most of the time), I care about most people even if we’re not close. I don’t see this as weakness. I can put myself in just about anyone’s shoes most of the time. Very forgiving and understanding and empathetic. 

I will say this- when I choose to “move on” or get over something/someone and it’s apparent, that’s usually when stuff just…works out. Isn’t that always the way it works? 

My co-worker can keep being “mean” to the boys that follow her around. It’s amusing for the rest of us. I’m going to stick with my honest, open, heartfelt approach. Someday the perfect guy will appreciate that about me. 


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