Pretty Pikes Peak 

When I first moved here I would say that I didn’t appreciate the landscape right away. I was too focused on adjusting to altitude, setting up my home on base, and trying not to be a total grump. 

My best friend flew from Vegas to celebrate my birthday and cheer me up a month after I moved. She was the one that made me get out and see what Colorado Springs had to offer. We went to the zoo, fed the giraffes, took 1,000 pictures, climbed the stairs in the Shrine of the Sun, did the bazillion rickety stairs at Seven Falls, and finally walked around Garden of the Gods. I barely missed having to do the Terror-dactyl at the cave of the winds. Thank God. (As my newest bestie Nadine says, that’s some white people shh). 

While Stace was here we skipped the incline and Pikes Peak railway. At the time I was still bitter to a degree about my surroundings and Pikes Peak is the biggest thing in Co Springs. She’s very in your face and really hard to miss. As the most obvious identifiable landmark here, I may have given her the middle finger a few times. 

I think I’m in love with her now, frigid snow capped goddess that she is. 

I wake up every day and check on her. How much snow did she get overnight? Are the clouds scraping across her face or enveloping her in their light airy moisture? I sometimes greet her, or talk to her on my way to work, or when I go for a walk. I hate the portion of the walking path by my house that means I walk away from her instead of towards. The view is so much better the other way. 

When I first moved it took me a while to get used to what direction things were in. I still use GPS. However, I’m managing a lot better by just looking for Pikes Peak. She’s my guide now. Towards her is west and away from her is east. 

Mountains have always symbolized either strength or a trial. Overcoming obstacles is the biggest symbolism of a mountain or mountain range. So, overcoming that means strength, mental and physical. 

I said in my post about my rough day at work, and my manager telling me I’m strong, that I had to figure out how that word fits into my life. Do I think I’m strong? 

Sometimes. I think…my perseverance makes me strong. I think not giving up, or letting go of what I want makes me strong. I think thumbing my nose at people who doubt me, or have tried to discourage me is strength. I think refusing to give up on myself, and love, and happiness is strong. I think accepting my own damage and baggage and still loving myself is strong. So, yes, in my own way I’m strong. 

The mountain is a stable, constant thing to look for. She’s become a peaceful thing for me to look at. How many things has she been through? How many storms? How many sunny days and green seasons? How many bleak and cold winters? There she stands, tall and proud, and pretty. 

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