Balcony sittin’

Salsa and chips eatin’. Neighbor watchin’. Hate to admit this might be dinner. We’ll see. I earned it. I did 90 minutes of cardio. *someone “good game” me.* 

Anyone else ever bribe themselves to exercise? This is actually a dumb question. Of course other people do this!!! For those of you that love exercising and shh here’s how this goes. 

“Ok Cyndi, I know you strongly dislike the elliptical. Like, I know you’re convinced it’s the devil’s machine and you actually hate it with a passion. Your loathing burns like the fire of a thousand suns. Doing a little lifting of weights, or circuit training ranks up there with root canal surgery, or taking a hot bath/shower when you have a sunburn. BUT…. you have choc chip cookie dough at home in the fridge. You also have all the ingredients for spicey sausage pasta…and you know- there’s heavy cream in that. Choices have to be made, and chubby is not the new skinny… so…. adult up.” 

Then you work out just enough to burn off what you’re planning to consume. 

My friend Kevin runs like 5 miles every day ‘cuz wings and beer love him unconditionally. This is an actual quote. 

Yes, I mentioned a dude’s name here. No, not dating him. Nope, never seen him sans clothing. Yes, I know they say men and women can’t really be just friends. 

NO! He’s not gay. 

One of these days I’ll address the questions I get about dating but today’s not that day. 

Back to the workout biz…and the balcony. It was 77 degrees today. I almost forgot it’s still March. So I walked my butt off, did hills, and then came home to consume half a container of salsa while watching my neighbors get their mail, and sit by the fire pit. Different neighbors. 

My legs are kinda jello-y. I might be a little out of shape. Or I got freaked out a few times by the weird sounds just off the trail and speed-walked, or jogged, more than I had to. It’s ok… I just shoulda stretched. And stuff. 

So now it’s time to eat thin mints, take a hot bath, and read a book. I have Lush bath bombs calling my name. 


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