Bounce back 

Yesterday was…pretty great. Everything is all about mindset. I decided I was over my own shh….

So, I told Monday to SUCK IT! I reminded myself all of the things I’m thankful for and how far I’ve come. I didn’t make it through some “stuff” to just let getting divorced, living alone, adjusting to all of that, plus being lonely…get me down in a big way. I’m going to make it and I just have to give myself a moment to do that. I have a feeling…it won’t take me long. I tend to bounce back pretty well. 

Yesterday was a long walk, drink tons of water, eat better, sleep well kind of day. It was the best way to start my week off! 

It’s a short post kind of day because I’m on my way to the gym to “sweat it out”. I missed my window to go for a walk outside, but I can’t let that stop me. I have to stay active, and healthy. The only major way to fight the blues for me, is to keep movin’. And bounce back!  


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