Ever changing dialog

The best part about this blog has always been that it could be changed at any point in time to reflect the changes I’ve gone through since starting it. The new title and tag line is no exception…it’s coming about as a result of a new stage in life I’m taking on. It was time…to be honest. 

I’m not saying I wasn’t honest before. I’ve always been a straightforward person, and truth wasn’t a struggle. The difference is that now I’m “putting it out there”. My question has always been, are you living an honest life if no one knows about it? Isn’t omission, a way of lieing? I would tell you “yes”. It is. It’s also a fear based way to handle things, and that’s not in line with the commitment I made to myself this year. 

When 2016, possibly the worst year for a lot of people I know including me, was in the rear view I asked myself one question. “How am I going to live this year”. The answer was this: bravely. I realized I wanted to give up my fear based habits and live as boldly and loudly as I knew how. 

It’s a lofty thing to go from someone who keeps a lot of things to herself to telling people how she really feels. It’s a giant gaping chasm that stretches as far as the eye can see in either direction you look. 

I started putting this to practice before the new year, since I don’t believe in resolutions anyway, and usually just set myself goals. Feels more productive for me. I really started this “be honest no matter what” change in my life when I decided to leave my husband, and I told him that. It was one of the biggest steps in my life to date, and I don’t regret a single thing. 

I thank you readers, whoever you are, for sticking with me this long. Or if you’re new here, welcome. Pull up a chair. I know going forward I might have some interesting truths to “put out there”.  I won’t skip a thing. This blog was started on a suggestion to try something new in my healing process many years ago. I’m glad to say it’s still serving a purpose and still going strong. 

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