Social media fuels my social anxiety

I have to say that until this week I was feeling better. My anxiety waxes and wanes. I know my triggers, I know my issues, I see my therapist, I practice self care, I exercise, and still no matter what, social media always manages to flare it up. I’ve even tried cutting out social media but it’s hard as an introverted SAHM because to cut out the middle man does isolate me a little. Or a lot. Depends on the day, right? I still think the dress was gold but whatever. 

We are overcoming some tough stuff at the moment. Av just had tubes put in. I think he feels better but it wasn’t instantaneous. I feel he’s still working on vocalizing better. He makes sounds that seem to be words and I’m encouraged. It is hard though. I can tell he’s in there but I can’t figure out how to help him “out”. He just “graduated” from his early intervention school and we are between therapy rounds and providers. That won’t last long but we’ll have to see how he does with new therapists in a new environment. 

I just saw a story of a 10 yr old autistic boy. Same story, different sweet soul. No friends, birthday coming up, social media cry for help. I’ll be sending a card and a Lego as requested because I just can’t ignore something so small that means something so big to a child. As always though it makes me fret for my son and his future, and if he will ever have friends. Or a wife. Or his own children. 

As my mother would say, don’t borrow trouble. 

I’m trying not to…really. 


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