Too many cooks in the kitchen, and other stories from my stovetop

Well, we made it through my birthday in one piece. I hate birthdays for the record. They’ve always been a hard time for me even since I was a kid, mostly because we were really poor then. Not the point today but a good bit of info…anywho….

I have come to the conclusion recently that I’m trying too hard and doing too much to make money from home. It’s an important thing, obviously, but right now I’m also trying to sort out all kinds of medical appointments for my son. Too many “cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth” and all of that. Too many make money from home plans makes me a little distracted and unfocused. 

So far this week I’m making cookies for my friend, trying to find time to set up my Etsy shop and crochet, and making and dropping off samples of Posh to my previous co-workers. All of that plus a busy almost 3 yr old and his therapies. I apparently just really want to spike my anxiety because I have zero down time to myself. Lots of essential oils and deep breathing will be needed. 

Today will be busy but lovely because of the weather. It’s chilly and raining. Perfect day to bake. Tonight will be an “oven meal” because it’s cold enough to use the oven. For dinner we’re having good old shake and bake (pork chops) and potatoes as well as home made applesauce.  It’s the hubby’s favorite. I need to get back on my “no wheat” eating plan. I feel so much better when I eat a little better. *side note: I don’t have celiac disease or am doing a gluten free diet. I have a diagnosed (tested) intolerance. Sad face.*

I think if my brain were to slow down, or possibly stop, for 5 whole minutes, my focus and reasoning would be much clearer. I do need to make some money, but like any job, I need to pick one and stick to it. It’s harder as a SAHM because Avery is so busy. He’s a full time job by himself. One that doesn’t pay me unfortunately. So….until I find out about SSI, and WIC and his benefits from the state here is where we sit.

I never thought I’d be someone openly talking about state designated benefits but it’s time we took the shame out of needing help. A lot of families are struggling and it’s ok to accept/request help. •end rant• 

I’ll post the applesauce recipe in case I haven’t ever done that (it’s been so long since I posted a recipe!). 

I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you all! 

Home made applesauce

Apples of your choice- about 8ish medium sized apples (I use Jonathan’s or jonagolds because I like the flavor and they are a little firmer. We like chunky applesauce)

I use an apple peeler. It peels, cores, and slices all at once. You can find one fairly cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you don’t have an apple peeler you can do it by hand, it’s just a bigger labor of love to make this applesauce that way. 

Use a huge stock pot. Pour enough cold water over the apples to just barely cover them. Then pour in about 1/2 to 1 cup sugar, and bring to a boil. Once it’s boiling turn down to simmer and let cook down. Mine takes roughly an hour but it will depend on the type of apples you use. Once the apples are cooked and breaking apart, mash up to your liking (immersion blender for smooth texture. Be careful because the sauce wil be hot.) and add cinnamon if you like or nutmeg or both. I find it lasts longer (cinnamon is a natural preservative) in the fridge if you add it but it would be good without. That’s it! 


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