Well, as I’ve mentioned every post in the last month or more….new job. Monday. Not looking forward to it. 


I got panicky about all of the upcoming things for Avery and…started applying to part time gigs. I just, felt my boy still needs me home. 

I’m still doing cookies for my sweet friends. And that whole Etsy shop thing is going to get done…eventually. I also started selling Perfectly Posh. (google it. Amazing products) 

With all of that in mind…I actually got hired at a part time job that only takes me away from my boy two days a week. 

This by no means is a permanent job/situation. We do need me to work more….eventually. I just want to wait till fall when my son goes to pre-school in the school system. I want to get through all of our upcoming appointments and feel good about being there for him during some rough stuff. He’s got numerous doctors appointments and surgery (tubes in his ears) coming up just in the next two months. 

Yeah. I’m going to do some hustlin this summer. We’ll just scrape by for a few months (unless SSI happens) and I think that’s going to be just fine. I’ve always felt that who I leave my baby with matters because he is different. One day a week with someone other than me or his dad I can manage. 

God will provide. 


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