My son is a sweet boy. He’s a cuddler, a snuggle bug, a lover….if he connects with you. 

That’s autism for you. 

He’s been at his school for almost a year. We were never going to make it that long because he “ages out” this month when he turns 3. 

In the time we’ve been going to therapy, or school as we call it, he’s made a lot of progress. He’s learned so much and changed in a lot of ways. His therapists have all been great. We loved his speech therapist and his recent occupational therapist the most. The speech therapist had a baby recently so she’s been gone. His occupational therapist, Joy, has only been working with him since February. Time doesn’t matter, he loves her. Hugs, kisses, snuggles, he gave them all to her once a week. 

Since things for us and his child care have changed drastically over the last week we decided to stop school early and let Avery adjust to his new routine right away. The decision was made on Monday. As in….2 days ago. So….I told his sweet ot when I picked him up on Monday that that was his last day. She is wonderful. She hugged him lots, kissed him, and told him how proud of him she was. I naturally bawled my eyes out. I feel a loss I’m not sure he knows or understands. 

I’m so grateful for her and all our therapists that have taken him on and helped him find his way. We aren’t allowed pictures of our therapists but I will always remember what she looks like, the connection she made and the love she had for my special child. 



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