If there’s anything I’ve learned lately it’s that when I try to be anything other than me it doesn’t work. 

With that said….I have to admit I’m trying too hard to figure out how to make money from home. I will honestly admit that I thought about doing a different blog in the hope of eventually making money at it. Here’s the lesson: my life right now isn’t all about style/food/fashion and I just can’t feel good about an online format where I don’t mention the trials of life that happen to us almost weekly. It works for a lot of other people, and to them I high five from a distance, but in all actuality I wear sweats at least 4 days a week right now. Nobody wants an instagramed picture of that….even with a filter. I’m thankful for this space where I’ve gotten so much support and love just by being myself. 

Success is about frame of mind and timing. I’ve always said God has a plan for me and for us, and this is the plan right now. I’m starting a new job on Monday, and my childcare fell through, and then I found someone else. BUT…I had to disenroll my son from his school 3 weeks early. It’s all part of our journey. I keep telling myself that God knows what he’s doing, and he holds my hand the whole way. 

We say goodbye to this chapter and move into a new one. It will be hard. There will be tears (mostly mine but maybe Avery’s as well). 

I’m trying to spend every day being true to who I am, finding the bright spot in it all, and trusting God. 


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