Paper clips and string

Some days I feel like Mc Guyver, and everything in my life  is being held together by some sort of random household items and “magic”. Today my little bits of paper, and chewing gum, plus a  toothpick, aren’t doing the job. My son literally just ate a cookie that he found on the counter and I’m considering calling it “lunch” because my energy level today is -500 points. * don’t ask what the actual scale is for energy, I can’t even formulate a rational thought about it. 

To be honest….I did this to myself. I overcommitted to a big baking project, didn’t take care of myself yesterday (hydrate, eat well, sleep well) and I knew how important that is this week (cycle) and now I’m paying for it with a huge headache, body aches, and poor mental state. 

To be really honest this whole state I’m in started a few weeks ago when I ran out of my vitamin D supplement and forgot to refill it….till today.

I know what happens in this house, and to my ability to be a mom, when I put myself last all the time. It’s a lesson I guess I’m going to just keep learning. 

Once I’ve collected all of my wayward marbles again I have some exciting news. I truly don’t have the energy to type it all in here right now.

***send good vibes my way today please***

4 thoughts on “Paper clips and string

  1. I know this feeling well and am sending only the best vibes your way. I suffer from anxiety and some days it takes over and makes it impossible to be the best mommy that I can be. Hugs and warm thoughts are being sent your way.

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