Why am I watching this?! Pt1

Picture this: a living room with blankets and pillows strewn across the couch and floor. One parent asleep, mouth open, right leg elevated and in a giant metal and padded velcro leg brace. Another parent sitting with greasy hair, a giant water bottle, box of kleenex, chapped nose, lips and also mouth breathing. No sign of the child but happy shouts and giggles coming from other parts of the house.

When we do something in this house we do it BIG! My husband is still recovering from ACL replacement surgery and…. I got either the flu or the worst cold possible. This puts us in a rough position for a couple of reasons. 1. Rob isn’t walking or driving yet 2. I’m likely contagious and our son is 2 and needs a care giver.

So…..here we are….I’m doing the laziest version of parenting possible in order to avoid sharing my germs as well as trying to rest as much as possible. Av is upstairs watching a movie. And I am watching….. hot bench. Seriously?!

Yet….yes…here I am, glassy eyed, watching crap TV. *sigh* tomorrow will be different. 


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