Monday thankfulness

Look, I try not to let negative thoughts run around too long. I don’t usually blame a day of the week. I hate pegging it on hormones (even if it is the problem) when I have a bad attitude.

Today is not starting well. Headache. Nausea. Congestion. Achey. You get it. I feel every 36 of my years like someone ran me over with a garbage truck, and went around the block to do it again 36 times. I know what it is, and to save us all from the age + menstrual cycle convo I’m now going to redirect this post to other things.

So right when I’m in the deepest part of wallowing in my misery one of my best friends….someone who lifts me up all the time when I can’t get up on my own…tags me in a sweet post about the scarf I made her for her birthday. Unknowingly someone who always makes me feel better does it again and I am grateful for her and my God that put her in my life. I asked him for a friend to help me through some things and he sent me one of my oldest acquaintances and showed me what a good friend she is.

So excuse me if I have a good cry because I’m so thankful, and then I’ll scrape what’s left of myself off of the couch and try a hot shower. I always feel physically better after a shower.

I have lots of recipes,  pictures and news of Av to share but….it’s going to have to wait.

I hope you all have a good Monday. Take it as easy as possible. De-stress when you can. Be kind to yourself.


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