I am humbled

We’ve had a week! My son got his first double ear infection and I got the cold that started it all. We haven’t slept well, or left the house in a few days. I’m feeling stir crazy and really want the frezh air, even if it is freezing, in my face. Yesterday I couldn’t figure out how to feel better. Today…I was grumpy. Little man feels better so that makes my job harder. I have to chase him while I’m sick. I was pulling my hair out and begging for mercy up until about an hour ago.
As always I was perusing the internet to cheer myself up. Av was settled for the moment in front of a movie and I came across this website
Whenever I get even a little cranky snd ungrateful I can almost always expect God to send me a wake up. I read three of these family’s stories and I was in complete ugly cry mode. I was humbled again before God and said my gratitude list and remembered how blessed we really are. Then I went and sat with my boy, who promptly said “hi” and “eat” all in one sitting. Life is good!

Happy almost Friday all! Hang in there! It’s almost the weekend!



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