Little things

Sometimes little things aren’t so little. I’m a communications major. I crave words. I collect them one at a time. If there’s one thing I’m good at using, it’s words. It seems really ironic, and terrible that now my son has no words. Of course that’s not entirely true. He has 3 words. I hold onto those. Cling to them like a life raft because I do feel like I’m drowning sometimes. I’d pay any amount of money for his current words to multiply.
I had my hair done by a new lady a couple of weeks ago. She was making small talk and asking things about my family. She asked how old my son is. When I tokd her she said “I love that age. They say the funniest things.” I had to bite the inside of my lip to keep from crying. I just somehow knew if I started crying then, in front of a stranger, that I might not stop. Ever. I don’t have that luxury.
Maybe one day, Av will have just 3 more LITTLE words to add to his short list.
“I love you”.