I woke up in a funk. I don’t know why. I yelled at the dog, scolded the baby and swatted his diapered butt, and grumped my way down the stairs. Made french toast with strawberries and powdered sugar, and grumpily ate it. Still feeling kind of awful.
Maybe it’s pms. Maybe it’s my husband leaving me with the busy toddler again for most of the day to go to stupid Hoopfest.  Maybe it’s because my sweet sticky faced baby woke me up at 515 this morning. On a Sunday. Maybe it’s because my long time “best friend” posted things on fb that reminds me how close we AREN’T these days. Who knows. I just don’t like this feeling so I’m going to take my vitamins,  drink some water,  have a nice long shower, maybe a good cry, and pray to get past it. If not for me, then for my sweet boy who needs his momma to be happy. 

Only the dog can handle me right now. 


One thought on “Cranky

  1. Hope you feel better… A shower and a cry can work wonders. And French toast sounds yummy… I haven’t made it for years. Thanks… I’ll make it for Little Man to try x

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