I’m having a love/hate relationship with Pandora lately. I’m at work trying to pass the time, and it keeps pausing to “load” or whatever. Ugh. Not to mention that a lot of the songs on the station I’m listening to remind me of times when I was younger and people of my past.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything but sometimes I miss the care free years. My 20’s were good to me. Aside from a poor choice or two in men, I had a great decade.

I heard from my past last weekend in fact. A random text message from an ex can bring up a lot of memories. This person was a pivotal person in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am now without those years we had together. We weren’t meant to be but he taught me a lot and we stayed friends. We’re both married now (which is weirder than it sounds considering he said he’d NEVER get married) and we aren’t close but keep in touch. I’m amazed how sharp my pictures in my mind from our time together still are. We were kids when we dated. I was 19 and he was 20. We dated for a solid 3 years and off again on again for another 1-2. I made typical 20 something type mistakes…and got a good look at love for the first time. I moved on a long time ago and came to terms with our eventual incompatibility but I still have a spot in my heart for him. I’m really glad he found his “person”.
I’m very grateful for my family, and my life. I’m happy but somehow my past always makes me a little sad thinking about it. All the things I took for granted then and didn’t realize were as great as they are. I will never be that young and carefree again. I’m ok with that. I have the memories of my youth that I got to collect to remind me now of my time spent growing up and working it all out. Well, working most of it out anyway.

I’ve got new memories to make now. Things are all new and exciting still for my little man. My memories from my 30’s are going to be the ones that involve being a mom. Just a new chapter.

I know I promised recipes. We’ll be at a local farm tomorrow hopefully picking up some fresh strawberries and getting some sunshine. I’ll post pics and hopefully then a recipe or two.


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