Dear Monday…

If you could please take it easy on me today, that would be appreciated.  Maybe Sunday told you, but we had a fun Easter at the ER with my son who learned to climb out of his crib in a not so graceful or safe way. He then decided not to sleep in his own bed for more than 10 minutes and I put him back to bed 4 times. 5:30 am IS too early to wake up, but not if you’re two and you have a new easy to get out of toddler bed. Momma is tired today!
Tuesday and I are fighting because I have schedule conflicts to resolve (too many appointments on the same day) and a coaching with my cranky boss. Way to screw up the week for me Tuesday!!
Wednesday feels bad for me because I don’t think I can make it to therapy that day and still get everything done before Thursday, which is the day Rob has knee surgery. *sigh*
Friday is…well Friday. You know that guy is ALWAYS partying and trying to persuade me to ignore everything else and just run off and play. Nice try Friday, but hubby will still be laid up and whining about pain and the distance of the remote from his reach…etc etc.
So, as you can see Monday, I have a lot on my plate. I know we usually start off on the wrong foot, and often I tell you I hate you, but if we could just shake hands and make up I promise from now on to greet you with as much positivity as possible! Maybe you and I could be friends? I know you probably don’t have lots of those…
Well, take care and tell Tuesday to watch his back!! I’m gonna kick his butt all up and down this week!


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