Go build a fort

On days that I’m not “feeling it” I just want to revert back to childhood and gather up sheets, blankets, and pillows and go build a fort to beat all other forts. As a kid we would watch movies from the fort or I would read books, but I think now I would nap above all other possible options. I watched a show about treehouses the other day and had the same feeling that building a fort did for me years ago. I realized that if I ever make my millions, or win them in the lottery, I would have a spectacular tree house built, complete with library that was as tall as the house or perhaps the tree the house was built in.

I’m having one of those days where a fort and nap or book is in order. I have tomorrow off because I swapped shifts with someone. It’s a blessing and a curse because I’ll have to work Saturday and will have split days off. Yuck.

I have a new cookie love and am going to scour the internet till I can a large bunch of them. They are of course European and hard to get here.  They’re called Pims, and I must try them in cherry, pear, and strawberry. All I can get in Washington is raspberry and orange, both yummy, but certainly not cherry. If they made lemon I would be relentless till I got some in my hot little hand.

That’s all I can manage today. Tomorrow hopefully there will be a recipe, and pics of me in the sunshine.


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