I’m sorry…what’s my name?

I’m totally wiped today. I can’t say I did LOTS over the weekend,  but my body feels like I did. This is discouraging in light of the fact that we’ve been talking about a second baby, because I know I’d feel more worn out if I was preggo. I really think I’m just out of shape and it’s time I gave up all of my excuses and did something. 

In the meantime, the new place is shaping up. I got cupboard organizers this weekend, and cleaned them out and put everything in a specific place. There’s only one cupboard it didn’t work with, and I’m completely baffled about it. No idea how to fix it. I have corner cupboards, deep ones, and I’m short and so is hubby so our solution was “turntables”. Now they look like this-


Bottom cupboards


Upper cupboards. 
The empty shelf above the bottles is for my copious amount of tupperware containers. Speaking of tupperware….I got this:


As a wedding present. I have yet to use it, and spent a half an hour looking for the “thingy” to turn the “dealey-bob”, and I almost threw the whole contraption out in frustration. I’m sure if I’d bothered to keep the instructions I’d be in love with it and would use it several times a week. When it was given to us it lived in the garage for almost a year and then in a hurry I pulled it out and tossed the box and instructions. I couldn’t be bothered to read them right then and I was in a big fat hurry to get rid of some clutter and clean the garage.  I figured “how hard could it be? “. Uh huh.

What?! Sorry! Dozed off for a second. I slept like crap last night, and would have rather walked on broken glass than get out of bed this morning. Since my boss doesn’t care how worn out my middle aged body is, and mentally exhausting it is to parent a toddler, I dragged my butt all the way till now…and then I hit the wall. I swear I could fall asleep sitting straight up.
But I do like my paycheck and benefits. I use those quite a bit. Example: I’m taking bubba to a new pediatrician’s this week. I need a referral to a specialist.  Let me rant for a quick minute here…
So after Av stops talking for a full month, and the head banging escalates, and the disinterest in other children occurs, I had to take him to the ped’s twice to get a referral. I had to call the ped’s office once I got Av to the babbysitter and me to work when I discovered that the pamplet he gave me is for a doctor that is different than the one that was mentioned during the appointment. Once that was straightened out, I had to fill out an online referral form for the specialist with 150 different pieces of information about my child included. That specialist finally called last week, Friday to be exact, and said he doesn’t see children under 3. Really?!
So, yes, we’re going to a different doctor’s office. I may not always take him there when he’s sick and needs a check up but I need a valid referral to a specialist. This week. Not next week. Not after I take him in two more times. Now.
End rant.

In other news, we made friends with our neighbors two doors down. They have two little boys,  5 yrs and 3yrs old. I think it was very good for Avery. He needs to have more play time with kids around his age. I’m glad we met some that live so close by! They are super nice, and we had them over to the house yesterday. I think everyone had a good time.
I’m now going to go practice sleeping at my desk with my eyes open. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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