Recipes!!! And an update…

Well, here we go…the easiest recipe known to man, and the source of much delight to those close to me last week. The recipe was a Pinterest find so I can’t take all the credit.  Here is the link
And pictures…yummy!!!!

The curd that started it all! (See my girl scout cookies in the background? Tsk, such a cookie-a-holic!)


The curd spread on the pie dough.




I used a heavy cream wash,  instead of egg, and then sprinkled the sugar.


Baking!  Last photo I have ‘cuz then we chowed down and I gave a couple away. I also baked all of the pie and curd “scraps”. I couldn’t stand to waste any of it!
So I made those last week (I’m a little behind on my posting) and also made this yummy pasta salad.


Bow tie pasta, 8-12 oz depending on how much salad you want
Yellow cherry tomatoes
Mini pepperoni
Cheddar cheese cubes
Broccoli florets
Sliced olives
1 yellow pepper,  diced
1 orange pepper,  diced
1 whole bottle of Kraft zesty Itallian dressing
Seasoning salt, just a couple shakes

I don’t know if we can even call this a “recipe”, it’s just a bunch of ingredients tossed together.  Literally. 

Made mom’s pizza porcupine patties on Monday, and crock pot chicken philly sandwiches last night.  I also made dark chocolate fudge thin mint brownies (had to use my surplus of cookies somehow!). That was a cheater recipe because I let Betty Crocker do all the hard work making the mix and just crunched up thin mint cookies and mixed ’em in. It was tastey!
The porcupine patties, I’ll have to dig through my previous posts and make sure I haven’t listed before. The philly sammies were SUPER easy!
If I’ve never mentioned it before, here it is again: my husband doesn’t eat leftovers. It’s fine but most of my recipes are adapted to produce less leftovers because I can’t eat everything myself!

Chicken philly sandwiches
1 chicken breast (mine was frozen)
1 sliced sweet onion
1 sliced green pepper
2 tbl butter
1/2 cup chicken broth or stock
Salt & pepper to taste
3-4 tbl A-1 steak sauce
Hoagie rolls
Sliced provolone or mozzarella cheese

I layered, butter, onion, green pepper, chicken breast, salt and pepper, chicken broth over top, then A-1 in the crock pot. Cook on low for 5-6 hours, then shred the chicken and stir all together.  Serve warm on hoagie rolls with cheese of choice. My husband likes mayo on his rolls, I can’t stand mayo. To each their own!
No picture of that,  it wasn’t super pretty, but tasted good!

The week has been good so far. Hubby had friends over for a bit last night and mostly out of shame I got some more unpacking done. I hate having a garage full of stuff that needs to find a home still but my energy level isn’t as high as my desire for organization.  For now the boxes are neatly stacked and that’s not awful. I’m going this weekend to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some things to organize my cupboards better. We also have to get little man some more clothes. He all of a sudden shot up and straight out of his existing clothes. Big boy!!
I also finished the body of a blanket for a friend’s birthday.


It’s going to have crocheted flowers on it like this one.


I’m glad it’s done but I have another blanket project in mind already. I’ll post pictures when this one is complete with edging and glowers though. 

My husband’s MRI on his knee came back and he’s going to have to have surgery. There are several things wrong icluding a ruptured ACL. Ouch!! We’re just hoping he can get in as soon as possible but it’s a process. Between the doctors and his benefits it could be another month or so.

I submitted our paperwork for Avery’s autism assessment but haven’t heard anything back yet.  When I know, you’ll know…ya know?

New therapist appointment tonight. I’m not sure if I’m anxious about it or not. So far I feel ok today. We’ll see how it goes. I always say I won’t cry when I go to therapy visits, and I almost always do anyway. I have the freezer stocked with ice cream bars, and girl scout cookies in the cupboard just in case I come home feeling a little low. Wish me luck!


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