Found words and sore muscles

I haven’t felt very well today. I blame my crazy cleaning of the old apartment we lived in. This weekend was good for a couple reasons though. Av found some words again!! We will see what happens from here. Our appointment with the pediatrician on Friday told me that I wasn’t concerned for no reason.  We did get a referral to a specialist,  and his doctor told us that he felt little man needs an assessment.  I have spoken with the specialist already, and he warned me there won’t be a diagnosis from him till bubba is at least 3, but if he feels Avery has a lot of “red flags” he will refer us to a different specialist for a 2nd opinion. It’s a complicated drawn out process and I’m trying not to stress out. Easier said than done.

Meanwhile, we have to finish vacating our old place and turning in the keys. More on my obsessive cleaning tomorrow. Let’s just say for now that my bum hurts, my arms are killing me, and I woke up feeling old for the last two days.

My husband’s knee is finally going to get looked at more extensively tomorrow. We’re pretty sure he tore his ACL. Not good. So, this week we should find out if he needs surgery to fix it. *sigh* The road to recovery for him could be a long one.

I made my appointment with the new therapist and my doctor wants me to start Zoloft. I have to discuss baby number two with Rob before I go there.

It will be another busy week. Hopefully, there will be some recipes soon. The meal plan for the next two weeks looks good!! Now, I just gotta find my energy again. I’m one exhausted momma!


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