The things you can read on the internet…

My monday started out pretty typically. I hate Monday’s simply because it’s the day after the weekend. Sorry Monday.  Your lot in life sucks.
I’m still very tired because someone, who knows who, decided to take a precious hour from me this weekend. I needed that hour. I could have used it in a lot of different ways, but mostly to sleep. *grump* I’d still like it back and I don’t want to wait till fall for it. Just “putting that out there”.
Avery felt the same way. I know ‘cuz he slept all the way to his babysitter’s and then howled when I handed him over. Big crocodile tears were rolling down his face when I closed her door. Crying can be contagious, and I cried on the way to work. It might have been ok if I loved my job and felt fulfilled in some way, but since I work someplace that pays my bills but is slowly eating my soul bit by bit…I just wanted to turn around, get my baby and go home.
I did go to work, in a funk, praying for an “attitude adjustment”.
The internet is my go-to for a smile sometimes. Facebook failed me. No surprise there. WordPress was my next option. So far today I’ve read blog posts about an orphanage in Morocco,  a sweet pit bull adopted by the coast guard in Delaware,  a man who appreciates how hard it is to be a mom, someone’s opinion of breastfeeding in public, and a guy who found a girl dead in a car outside of a Starbucks. Wow. My mind was busy but it made for a weird day. I swear while reading I take things in and somehow it becomes a part of me. I’m now going to read my book because 4 out of those 5 posts made me cry.
BUT…I gotta hand it to WP for having a diverse group of featured posts. I do love the blogging community that we are in.
I do judge my day by my shoe calendar picture, so I should have known today would be weird.


I hope everyone’s Monday was at least tolerable, and the week goes by quickly!


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