Be kind to yourself

I’m taking those words to heart today. I woke up feeling like gum stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. Not a good way to start the day. I’m aware of the cause (not enough water yesterday, and hormones) but that doesn’t make it easier to face the day. So I drank some water, put on yoga pants (shhh! Not technically work clothes) and a loose shirt, allowed myself a good cry on the way to work and now I’m eating chocolate marshmallow peeps and reading a book between calls at work.  Later today I have a nail appointment and a yummy dinner planned.

On days like today, though I may move slower than normal, my thoughts are still a million miles an hour. I have to accept early on in the day that I won’t be up to doing as much as I normally do. Once my mind accepts the truth, then I feel 10 times better almost instantly and I’m ok with l the level I’m on…for today. I often feel like being the mom of a busy toddler means I never have enough time for everything.  Life as it used to be is long gone, and some times it feels like just putting out small fires all day long. Just as I get done doing one thing something unexpected pops up. I love my son, and wouldn’t change a thing, but it’s been an adjustment to my expectations about the order of my daily life. I have gotten used to the clutter that a busy small child creates, and the chaos that follows in their wake.

Today I am grateful for the little things. Today,  I will rejoice in the small vuctories. Today I will give myself a break, find ways to stay relaxed and calm. Today I will not worry about the small stuff. Today, as with every day, is a gift, and I will be kind to myself.


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