Mini cookies are evil!

I admit to a little slump in my attitude that made me turn to cookies in the first place. Then my excuse was “but bubba hasn’t really had a proper chocolate chip cookie”. Let’s face it…my new eating better plan pushed me over the edge, and then pms hit. When I made them I swear I was in some sort of trance and wasn’t hardly aware of what I was doing. Plus, I made them smaller with the idea that my son could eat one more easily.  Ha ha ha! 
So,  here I sit guiltily wiping crumbs off my face and I realize I’ve eaten 20 of these little suckers and my stomach is slightly gurgley. Yuck. Too late to turn back however. Also…Av hated them.  For a second I questioned his parentage, but there’s no forgetting the labor I went through so…guess he just won’t be my cookie munching partner in crime anytime soon.

Cookies have always been my undoing so it’s not surprising that this week I gorged myself.

As a side note, since I suspect I’m not going to be able to muddle through on my own any more, I have to call and make an appointment with a new therapist that was recommended to me. It feels like a set back to have to go back when I don’t think my depression is as bad as it has been over the years,  but I’m not sure what else to do about my anxiety that flares up at the oddest times. I also hate starting from the beginning with a new person, but my last therapist kept falling asleep at the end of my appointment.  I’m not sure if that means I’m boring, or she’s just old.

Anyway, cooking regular meals and food has commenced again so possibly more recipes will get posted. I have to remember to take pictures before we dive in!

Happy hump day!


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