3:03 am-insomnia and visions of good hair

Yes, it’s early in the morning here. I have relinquished my spot in bed to my son, the sleep tyrant, and have moved out to the couch. Truthfully, I wasn’t doing much sleeping anyway. I chalk my insomnia up to either a shift in hormones causing me hot flashes….or the small amount of chocolate I had before bed.

That’s right!! I cheated on my diet last night. I waited all day, was good till 9pm. Then pms and an extreme craving took over. It was ugly. BUT…100 cals of chocolate will not overturn the whole apple cart that is my weight loss plan right now. I’m going to climb back up into that B tomorrow!

And so, we come to my other topic of discussion-good hair. My Pinterest has blown up lately with pictures of cuts, colors, styles…I clearly need a hair guru. Here in lies my dilemma: I don’t have said guru anymore. I had an AMAZING  hairdresser in the years leading up to my pregnancy, and then I fired him while I was pregnant for being insensitive and causing me additional stress while in my delicate condition. I’m not normally that temperamental,  or rash, and again I blame my roller coaster hormones and stress level at the time. Of course, none of this was discussed with the most amazing hairdresser in my recent past, and by firing him I mean I just stopped “seeing him”. That’s how I roll. Not a big one for confrontation.

It’s been 2 years and I’ve seen 3 different hairdresser’s since and have only merely been satisfied that they listened to me and I still had hair to style afterwards. Now most people would advise me to apologize for my extended absence and just go back to the guru who made me feel like a goddess every time I saw him. I wish it were that easy.

In poor judgement on my part, during a desperate moment, 4 weeks before my wedding, I made the cardinal mistake you should NEVER make…under ANY circumstances! I “saw” someone else in his salon.

*pause for you take it all in*

With that in mind, and the knowledge that he deleted me from his fb (I don’t know when because I don’t pay that much attention to that stuff) I can’t go back to him no matter how much my hair begs.

Here are my other options for the moment until I have a lightbulb turn on or come into some serious money (did I mention the guru always fit me in and only charged an arm instead of an arm a leg and one of my kidneys?)

1.Go back to one of the 3 since him. Well, 2 since one of those people still works in the same salon as the guru. THAT would be in very poor taste.
2.Trust someone new to make me look amazing!
3.Do it myself.

Number 3 is sort of a joke. I have boxed color, but we all know it won’t turn out anywhere near great for me to go it alone.  This option is only good for possibly saving money. 

Number 2 is a viable option because hairdressers are everywhere, and practically grow on trees. The process to find your perfect hair match however is more tedious and painful than finding the perfect swim suit or bra. You get the point.

So here’s me. Up the creek. Still looking for the paddle. Wishing I was less afraid of conflict and more…brave.

Wait a minute….that was the girl who struggles with anxiety in normal social situations.  I went through a bravery challenge in November.  I have to have learned something!!!

That settles it. Begging, pleading, apologizing, and over tipping are likely in my future. My hair, and therefore my self esteem, requires it.

Thank you for putting up with my early morning ramblings.  I now must attend to the tyrant who isn’t satisfied with my spot in bed. Little bugger!


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