Sometimes I wonder what holds us all down. I know that sounds weird, but really, what keeps us putting one foot in front of the other? I have been absent from my blog for a bit, and instead of making excuses I’m just going to say- I was too focused on the one foot in front of the other instead of the reasons behind the forward motion. I know we all go through this. You’re a little “blah” or maybe “bah humbug”, and it’s all you can do to just go through the motions. It happens. I don’t stress over this stuff, but I also don’t like to drag people around me, or in the blogging world, down too. I have LOTS to be happy for. So what’s the deal? Just life. I literally have moved away from the over-analyzing of my own “stuff” for a bit in order to find some peace again. I had a really good friend who once told me that if you spend too much time with your nose pressed on the metaphorical plasma big screen of your life, all you’ll ever see is the individual mega pixels and not the whole high def picture. I get that. So you step back. un-focus your eyes, and then look back at the big screen and realize…huh…there’s more to life than that one mega pixel.

If that makes sense.

This again is not my metaphor so if I’ve gotten the terms totally wrong please have forgiveness in your heart for me. I had to have my husband figure out my new smart phone for me. But I digress…

My tether is the same that it’s always been. People. My family. My friends. My co-workers. These are the people who have saved me more times than I can count. These are the people I owe my progress, and sanity to. These are the people that I put one foot in front of the other for.

I am attached to this world by a string of people. In my mind I often picture them all holding hands and keeping me firmly attached to the earth. On days when I’m not so steady and stable, this helps.

I’m thankful for my “anchor” to reality.

More soon. Promise!


A little bit of happy

It’s been a while since I blogged. I had that whole bravery list, and I was trying to keep up with it,  and I forgot to enjoy life at the same time. So I stopped. I finished my list, last month was great for forward progress and all of that, but I needed to be happy too. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves that doesn’t need to be there. I washed my hands of that….and enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday with my family! It was delightful! I took the time to be present and thankful. What’s better than that?!

With that attitude in mind, and despite the regular daily trials busy working moms sometimes go through, I have found a happy place in my mind. I LOVE Christmas, and am going to have a great time watching my son experience it this year. 

I am a little behind on my shopping, admittedly. Ok, I’m all the way behind. Haven’t bought a single present yet. This year the extended fam is doing things differently so that helps me not feel so late on the planning end. Maybe my new “zen” attitude is helping me too because I don’t feel panicked.  Yay! I do have a list and a plan, but for now I still have 22 days!

I will be doing lots of baking, and I’ve neglected my recipe posting lately, so I will attempt to be better about that. Also, the tree is going up tonight! Let’s see how long it takes Avery to undecorate. (Yes, I used little man’s actual name. It was part of my being brave and not so anonymous. I feel good about it).

Here’s the part where I publicly give thanks to all of you who read my blog. Most days I have no idea what I’m doing, and if you’ve read previous posts you know I struggle, sometimes a LOT, but it’s helped to know I’m not alone. It’s been a giant help to have you all “listen”. The patience that complete strangers have shown me is wonderful and highly appreciated. It’s a day by day process, but this blog has helped fill a need for me. So….thanks!!!