Monday Boogie

I can always tell when I have too much on my plate because my thoughts flit around in my head without any definite direction. It’s super distracting, and since it’s Monday, and I’m tired as usual, it’s not helping my focus at work.

Speaking of work- recently they did an air quality study. They were getting complaints that people were getting sick at work from the vents that haven’t been cleaned in, oh I don’t know, years?

First of all, this makes me smirk, not because I take sickness lightly or because I don’t believe it’s happening, just because I think it’s a little humorous that people who work in an 8 x 8 cube are getting sick from it. Or is that my messed up sense of humor talking?

At any rate, I myself find that a stuffy nose and sneezing while at work is the norm. I just thought that was my bad attitude lately about being at work effecting my actual health. Maybe not just my mental state then eh?!

I will say this: there are days I wish for just one opening window in this building to bring in some fresh air. Just a small breeze every now and then.

Is this the most random blog post or what? Anyone wanna have a dance party?

The Bravery Challenge continues, only I’m giving myself a break on it. I’m not giving up, and I’ve still been striving to do something that scares me once a day. I just have cut myself some slack about the rigidity of reporting it here. I’ll still finish the list and I still have important stuff to divulge. We’re just taking a short brief hiatus. Besides, part of my new set of goals is to be nicer to myself. It’s one of the hardest things to do.

This last weekend was very productive, and exhausting all at the same time. I grocery shopped last night and my whole vibe was off. I usually take a list, a calculator, and put my “I mean business” face on and knock it out. Last night it took me 2 hours to shop for two weeks worth of groceries. I even had a meal plan set up in advance and I still had a vacant look in my eye. I was just so drained from scrubbing everything in our 1100 sq ft that I couldn’t even think straight. I was stumbling all over the store mumbling things to myself. I wish I was joking.

Best thing to come out of our weekend was our Christmas pictures. My baby is getting so big! I love his little personality right now, and he was so good for the photographer! Lately we’ve been having small glimpses of two year old like tantrums. He’s just easily frustrated and can’t explain it to us yet. Anyway…he was a charmer as usual. That sweet boy of mine…

Well, hope Monday treats you well!


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