My veteran

On this holiday I think about my husband, and how his life, and ours as a result, have been shaped by his service. He has given more to this country than I will be able to list here. As a military spouse I know what he goes through daily for his country. I know what I’ve coped with is part and parcel of what comes with the job. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because it has done so much for my best friend. None of this means it’s not hard. It’s a tougher life than any man or woman who serves would tell you.



My husband and I knew each other from school, kind of grew up together. He had a lot rougher life than I did as a child and the military gave him a way to support himself and advance his education and life as quickly and easily as possible. He’s been “in” long enough to retire with full benefits in 2 years. That means almost 20 years of service to our great nation. That is longer than I can even think about working one job. I would get it wrong if I tried to list all of his deployments and duty stations here. I know he went to Iraq twice, Korea, and Diego Garcia. He’s had at least 4 different stations in the US. He’s seen more foreign countries than I could even dream of seeing.

The military has helped him advance his education, develop leadership skills, took care of his health and well being and gave him a family long before we had ours. It helped him become the man he is today, and grow into his strength and confidence.


The part of his story that involves me and our son is the shortest part of his military career so far, but hasn’t been without sacrifice. He hasn’t deployed since we’ve been together, and we have yet to do a PCOS (base/station change) but I’ve had to get used to life with a military man. He was stationed on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean ocean for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. When our baby was 6 weeks old and we were still going through a lot of testing and medical appointments for his MMA he had to go to Colorado for 6 weeks to do more schooling/training. I learned to give our child shots in his legs while he was away. His oldest child, who was born into a family where both parents serve, is with her mother stationed in a different state and doesn’t see her dad or brother very often. Our family has learned the ropes of this life that he’s chosen. I know that his employer, while they value family and home life for their employees, they also have a high expectation of job performance. I would expect nothing less.


It’s been an adjustment for me being a part of the military family, being a military spouse. I still don’t understand all of the lingo and the “rules”. My man is a “by the book” employee too. He knows the rules, follows them to a T and expects the same of others. It causes him a lot of stress to be so rigid about things, but it’s who he is. He scores very high in loyalty, integrity and honesty categories of all personality tests and is dedicated to his work. We don’t have as many military friends as I would like because of the “fraternization” rule. It’s just all part of the job.


I hope that I give him enough credit daily for what he does for our family and our country, but I know I can’t begin to understand what it’s like to work for a company who’s boss this also the leader of a country. No wonder he never questions his orders. Ever. In some way or other those orders came directly from Obama himself (through appropriate channels of course).

Despite how hard or demanding his job is my husband is an amazing father, and spouse. He does everything possible to make sure we’re all happy healthy and well taken care of. I can’t express the depth of my gratitude for all he is and does, and he and all of his fellow soldiers deserve more recognition than one day a year can provide.

I love my soldier and all he does for all of us!

**bravery list continues tomorrow**


One thought on “My veteran

  1. I love how supportive you are to your husband! Know that that support and love is what makes stressful days that much easier and well worth it for him! I see so many military spouses and wives of veterans not give much effort to supporting and caring to understand them. This life is not easy for you either and I know coming into his career a little “later in the game” so to speak can have its own challenges too, at least in my experience. I commend you for being so supportive and loving of your husband, thank you BOTH for your service to this country! It takes a strong woman to be a military spouse!

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