The “I can’ts”

I woke up this morning feeling haggard. My baby is still having a rough time sleeping in his own room, in his own crib, and it’s been hard on all of us. I had a terrible headache when I went to bed, and I woke up with the same pain. All I could think about was all of the things “I can’t” have/do/be. I dragged my sorry behind to work even though I wanted to stay home sooooo bad. I’m out of paid time so any time at home is an hour off of my paycheck. I can’t do that more than most of the other “I cant’s” I had today.

Then I sat at my desk and read one of the blogs I follow and felt better. Inspired. Rejuvenated. I just replaced my “cant’s” with a smile and some hope that things will get better. I did my gratitude list and focused on my blessings.

#13 I asked for help. I swallowed my control issues, my fear, my pride, my embarrassment, and asked for help making it through yesterday. I asked for a needed hug, word of encouragement, and help with my child. I took off my super mom cape and admitted to needing assistance because I had reached my limit. It was…refreshing.

More baking this weekend, and I’m hoping to finish a long put off craft.

Happy Friday!!

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