So, I had a good cry

I’m on the hormonal roller coaster at the moment. Please look away. But of course you won’t because it’s like a car crash. You can’t help but watch to see what happens next. I don’t blame you, I’d probably watch too.

I woke up in good spirits. Ate a healthy breakfast, drove slowly to the sitters and to work while listening to calming music. Then someone in the break room was crying and showed me an obituary, complete with tiny little photo, of a 2 month old baby that died last week.

*ok, deep breath*

Then I went back to my desk and someone had emailed me a link to an article about a man who posted pictures of his wife’s struggle with breast cancer.

*gulp. Sniff, sniff. Another deep breath*

Then I talked to my brother, and his wife who’s only 30, and disabled due to a medical mistake, is having more health issues… And that was it.

I went to the workout locker room at work and had a good cry. I cried for all of the sad stuff we see or hear about in the world but never let get us down. I cried for that baby that didn’t live long enough. I cried for the struggles of people I don’t know but their story touched me. I cried because I have had a super long week with not enough sleep, and too much sugar and fatty food. And then I was done. It was like the well of sadness suddenly went dry.

I do think that sometimes crying cleanses the soul. I certainly didn’t wake up thinking I would bawl like a giant baby at some point today, but life happens.

#12 made an appointment with a new hair lady. I trusted what’s left of my self esteem about my appearance to a stranger. I’ll show you the results tomorrow. As per normal I’m pretty spent now and have to go drink 2 gallons of water before my kidneys shrivel up into raisins.

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