#11, and a recipe

*yawn* I’m off of sugar today, and it’s pretty rough right now. I’m tired. Hormonal, anxiety ridden and stressed. We had little man’s specialist appointment on Monday. I’m thankful that’s over and went really well.

I stress bake. Yesterday, I whipped up a batch of Oatmeat Scotchies without even thinking about it. It was like blacking out and being on autopilot. I looked down right as the batter was done and thought “hmmm, ok. Wasn’t I just in the car?” Weird I know, but I also do grocery lists in my sleep if I’m really stressed. The recipe for these lovely cookies is simple, but I’ll include a link for it since I’m so out of it today I’d likely mess it up.


Bravery item 11 deserves a quote.

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

I stood up to a friend yesterday. She’s a good friend, and a coworker, and it was about another coworker and friend. The details are tedious and not important. What’s important is that I did it. It’s really out of character for me, but it felt good. I love this friend and she has a huge heart, and I didn’t say anything out of anger or start conflict between us. I just told her how I felt about an issue that she was having an emotional reaction to. It was good.

I know I’m about a day behind. Today is #12, and I will post about that…tomorrow. For now I need to find a way to nap under my desk.


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