That’s my new name. I actually prefer “grumpy ass” but I’m realizing lately that my kid is picking up…everything. Guess that means no more swearing for Mommy. Kinda depressing…swearing is fun sometimes. Actually it’s fun all the time, but I digress.

I missed a couple of days. I did move down the list of brave things, I just did them while super grumpy and hormonal.

***and apparently tired since I posted this half finished. This week has been really long tiring and stressful already. It’s two days later but I’m now finishing this post.

9. Planning a vacation without my baby or husband. It’s a big step for me!

10. Having a convo with my mom about my little sister and her issues as of late. It’s a big source of conflict in my family right now.

I’m exhausted, but after I perk up a little, possibly this afternoon, I’ll be posting a recipe and #11.



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