Full weekend

So far Monday is trying to kick my teeth in….but I put on my tough girl hat today and I’m giving it my mean face. With that said, I have bravery items 2, 3 and 4, pictures of the things I got done this weekend and daydreams of my bed and comfy pj’s.
Let’s start with this- (remember brave to me may seem like no big deal to most people)
2. Ate mushrooms at my mothers house. Reason this is brave-I haven’t had mushrooms for the last 4 years because I had an allergic reaction to something that had wild mushrooms it in. Needless to say, I’m still here, and I loved my Mom’s new twist on pot roast. Score one for both of us.
3. I took my husband to a Raiders game at a Raiders bar in town. This may not seem brave, however, I was a little worried about my husband getting over passionate (?) and possibly having an altercation with a stranger. Let’s clarify: he’s nothing but mellow and sweet most of the time. Put him in front of a Raiders game and he turns into a screaming, fist waving, red faced fan. If they lose we don’t talk about it, and he fumes for at least 30 minutes. We won, he had hot wings, I had a brownie sundae, it was all good!
4. I gave a handmade present to my boss’s boss at work. She’s having a baby, and I made a blanket. Normally this type of thing makes me a little self conscious. Today I just marched in there and gave it to her.

I was busy all weekend and it was great. Saturday we got snow tires for my husbands car, and bubba and I went to Mom’s for dinner and a movie. Sunday I made pumpkin muffins, applesauce, and apple cake, then we took the baby to grandmas and went and watched the game.





So now I’m putting the baby to bed and then I’m going to take a hot bath and fall face first into bed.

Happy Monday!


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