Today I got some stuffs done!

Apparently I was so busy patting myself on the back yesterday that…I forgot to post this. My awesomeness amazes even me sometimes. So…here it is. Don’t mind the picture of my half eaten lovely meal last night. I always forget to take a picture before we dive in like we haven’t eaten in days. Happy Monday!

So yesterday was a day literally *flushed*. I was sick still on Friday, and Saturday morning I tried to go to urgent care. Long story short I ended up at the ER watching NCIS re-runs in a backless gown hoping for a script and a shower in the nearest possible future. (Just to be clear, I only wanted a shower because I had greasy hair and hadn’t taken one yet, not because I thought the hospital was dirty).
I’ll spare you all the nitty gritty details, I’m fine, but all my plans for Saturday turned into more Gatorade and saltines from the couch. Such is life I suppose.
Today I was a wonder woman, cape and all!! My energy is still on the downside, but I managed to clean the kitchen, finish the laundry, take bubba to the park and to buy more jammies, and make baked ziti for dinner. I rule!!
Ok now the ziti was…a really simple recipe, but it wasn’t frozen, so that’s something. The Texas Toast was frozen, but still tasted delightful. The hubby was none the wiser and I still look AWESOME! Little man is sleeping and I’m headed there myself, but I feel pretty good about myself for bouncing back today. Yesterday I really thought I’d be reading in the “library” all weekend, and nothing would get done, which makes me feel like an epic failure. Today, I was given the gift of a settled stomach and the drive to make the most of my Sunday. Yay!

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