How Sex and the City helped me with the stomach flu

I got my baby’s bug. Without getting too graphic here, I gotta say- I don’t throw up. No, seriously, I never puke. I’m one of those types that will fight getting sick at all costs. Even on my most drunk occasions, I didn’t throw up.

This morning, pigs flew, and the end of the world came. I got epically sick. I didn’t even know that was possible when you haven’t eaten anything for over 12 hours.

So after having a moment or two on my knees I came in to the living room to distract myself from my still achey tummy. I turned on the tv and there was Sex and the City. It was the episode where Miranda’s mom died. It gave me the best excuse to do what I always do after I vomit…cry. I cried like the big baby that I am while I’m sick with stomach flu.

Now, who do I need an excuse for to cry you ask? ME!! I can push a baby out of one of my most sensitive body parts, but puking makes me bawl. Well…yes. But in my defense, when I birthed said 6 lb 7 oz baby, I was pumped full of drugs, and crying might have happened if I hadn’t wanted a cheeseburger and a nap so bad when it was all over. I was distracted. Don’t get me wrong, I love little bubba like nothing else, but once I knew he was ok, I realized I was hungry and tired. Plus, I ended up doing enough crying in the months after that I totally made up for it.

Back to the flu, or whatever this is. I’m just praying it’s over soon! Meanwhile, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are keeping me company.


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