Saturday Sickie

My son is sick. He’s had a cold or two prior to this but this is different. He’s been throwing up since 6:30am. In the world of kids this isn’t remarkable. Kids get sick. The difference here is-my baby has a metabolic disorder and that makes all the difference.

His whole life so far he’s never thrown up. I don’t even count spit up because he really didn’t do that very often. One of the major concerning symptoms of his MMA is throwing up. Of course knowing this only freaks me out more when my 16 month old starts throwing up one morning for no reason.

His dad had a tee time today, and not wanting to be a fretful mom I told him to still go that we’d “be fine”. I don’t honestly know if that’s true. For a bit bubba couldn’t even keep water down, and I wanted to rush him into the children’s ward at the hospital near by. My husband called our specialist from the golf course, and then called to verify that I was still holding it all together here.

I’m supposed to watch the number of wet diapers he has, give him saltines and pedialite…etc etc. For now little man is asleep on me and I’m afraid to move him for a couple of reasons.
1. I don’t want him to wake up
2. I don’t want to put him in his crib and have him throw up in his sleep or something.

So here I sit, hot, sweaty, messy hair, starving, and I gotta pee. I wanna call the hubby and say in a very hushed tone to “come home now! And stop at Sonic on your way!” I think a cherry limeaid and tots might make me wanna smile again today. I’m resisting for now but if he takes much longer to call once he’s done the possibly patient tone I could have will turn sour and harsh. It’s not my fault! Low blood sugar! And a cramp in my neck from sitting weird while holding my puke smelling child. Sorry, no recipe today. Seems wrong to put one at the end if a blog mostly about vomit.


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