The price of a peach

Just thinking about writing this post makes me embarrassed. I hate to admit to having a problem. But we do. A bad one.

We have fruit flies. Or gnats. I have no idea what the difference is but it makes me feel dirty…and not want to be in my kitchen ever again.

Let me back up and say that I have NEVER had this problem before. I’m fanatical about the cleanliness of certain areas (bathroom and kitchen) and have always kept those as clean as possible. The exceptions to this rule are- right after bubba was born and the first few months were a blur of breastfeeding, and pumping, and for a quick minute specific weighed out and measured formula because of his metabolic disorder. I couldn’t always even remember to brush my teeth every day let alone do dishes, but I also wasn’t cooking so…

I started to notice them about a week ago, but just like one or two, and I thought maybe they had gotten in when we took the dogs outside to potty, but I soon realized they had come in with a box of fresh peaches from a local farmer. No big deal except they are EVERYWHERE now. Ick.

So there’s been no cooking for the last week, we had to get traps, put all of the garbage outside of the apartment, and make sure everything was spotless…even though it was already really clean.

I’m tired of eating out and food that I haven’t cooked myself. Somehow food from a restaurant or fast food seems less satisfying to me.

I’m still pretty down. My sister is staying with her crappy bf, and our loan processing for our construction loan is not going very smoothly at this point. I am super tired today and want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head and sleep for at least two weeks.

I’m just a ray of sunshine right now. Not even chocolate helped at this point.

No recipes. I could tell you what I WANTED to cook if we didn’t have an infestation, but that would just make me more hungry and dissatisfied with life than I already am right now. Bleh.

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