Wednesday is the new Friday!

I have the next two days off to watch my baby. My regular babysitter is out of town, and my husband couldn’t take the time off. Fine by me. Little man and I will have some end of summer fun! I have a play date set up with his possible first girlfriend (we’ll see how they get along!) and a trip to the lake planned. Also, cleaning and the sort will have to take place. Lets hope Mr. Short Stuff lets momma get some things done! Usually he undoes all my hard work seconds after I do it. That’s why we have a housekeeper that comes during the week while we’re all gone.

The office is a little less hectic today after last night’s deep clean, and I’m ready to go home and make a quick dinner and go to Costco. The husband will be playing softball so it’s just me and the kiddo till later.

I haven’t been feeling super brave lately, hence the lack of deep thought and confessions in recent posts. My therapist would wag her finger at me, but I have all I can take most days making it through work and not letting my anxiety get the best of me. I find my stress level at work to be on the high end, and so to maintain some control and calm in my little cubicle world, I stick to recipes and day to day events. Once I open the flood gates I’m not sure I could close them quick enough to not cry at work. I’m trying NOT to be that person.

However, it is time to rid myself of some guilt and bad thoughts. This of course is my purging spot because…so far no one here judges me. There’s no loud cries from the masses that I’m a bad mother for feeding my kid quick foods, or any admonishing for worrying about piddly little things. In the next couple of days hopefully I will be able to take a deep breath and admit to some not so sparky and shiny things about myself. I feel a good cry waiting backstage for me to be done putting on my “show”, and I can only put that off for so long!

Here’s dinner:

Mini pizzas~
English muffins cut in half and toasted to prevent sogginess. Spread with your favorite marinara or pizza sauce, put toppings on and mozzarella cheese and broil in the oven or in a toaster oven.

Till tomorrow!


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