Weekend menu

My son loves blueberries. I discovered this on the 4th of July this year while we were at a friend’s house for a BBQ. To say I’ve been overly cautious about his diet is an obscene understatement. He has a very rare metabolic disorder where he can’t metabolize proteins normally, and his doctors had us limit his diet initially. I could write pages and pages about what my husband and I have been through because of this, but there’s plenty of time for this later.

Back to the blueberries….he can’t get enough. Well, as per the norm around here, I’m super particular about the berries I give him…only organic, not even slightly squishy…blah blah. So as a result of my pickiness we have an over abundance of perfectly good berries that aren’t baby approved. Well, weekends are the perfect days for me to bake. I can’t get enough lemon flavored anything, so I decided to combine the two. Here’s the recipe for the lemon blueberry bread I made.


I can’t claim the recipe, but I did tweak it by using cake flour because I like the difference in texture it gives.

We were going different directions today, so lunch was not overseen by me, and I had frozen yogurt after my hair appointment to cover my recently abundant gray hairs. I believe the baby had Mac and cheese (daddy approved) and my husband skipped lunch. * he’s not a regular eater so this is assumed.

Dinner was chicken tacos, nothing super special but fairly healthy and easy.

Tomorrow I’m going to go get peaches from a local farm, and there will be pies made. I think dinner will be stuffed peppers but I will provide a recipe later if this actually happens. In other news, on weekends, any darkness that follows me around during the week tends to recede. I can’t underestimate the effects of spending time with my family but it also may be sleep related. That’s the biggest problem with postpartum is that sleep does affect it and with a small child there isn’t any way to always guarantee a full nights sleep. Not without a little Benadryl for one or both you and the baby…not that I’d ever do that….or even think about it. Ever. I also think my vitamins are starting to “load” and that may be helping me to feel better. Whatever the reason I’m thankful. Another day without a panic attack. I’ll take all the small victories I can get.


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